The 25twoZERO Movement

The 25twoZERO Movement was started when Shay Hare, a mentor at the non-profit organisation Mentoring Men, was moved to take action by the suicide of a co-worker.


To honour his co-worker’s life and for all men lost, Shay set up the 25twoZERO Movement and has set himself the goal to run 2,520 km this year. Each kilometre ran will represent every male that loses their battle each year.  Shay’s campaign goal is to increase awareness, change the way males talk about their mental health and raise funds to help reduce the number of men in crisis from over 2,500 to ZERO.

The funds raised will go towards Mentoring Men, an Australian organisation that supports men in their life journey with a free one-to-one life mentoring program. The program actively improves and saves lives by fostering healthy mindsets and behavioural choices. 


Why Movement?


Physical exercise has proven to help reduce levels of anxiety and promote wellbeing.

The 25twoZERO Movement promotes exercise as the common bond for men and women to participate in the movement and make a difference.


Not able to donate? Not a problem! Anyone can get involved by joining the movement to fundraise with us! We welcome everyone to sign up individually or as teams to walk, cycle, swim or crunch their abs with sit-ups ... any type of exercise activity as long as it has a measurable target using a variation of the numbers 2520.  (eg:  252.0 hours of walking, 2520km of running or 2520 km of cycling). Your movement goal can be completed as a team with friends, corporate team or individually. If you want to create your own goal that is not on our list please let us know. The more crazy goals the better!! Include your request in your reason for joining. Your goal can be completed in 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or over the course of the year.


The 2520 number will help focus everyone on the underlying importance of this movement, while fostering a healthy lifestyle for themselves and promoting the significance of the campaign.

Keep moving!

Shay Hare, Founder 25twoZero   


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